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It has become apparent to us that there is a need for a Fellowship that will embrace the principles that are foundational to the great moves of God throughout history.

Dear Friends,

We would like to thank you for the love and support we have received over the last few months. The outpouring of support for us to move forward has been overwhelming. 

We are living in exciting times.  “For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see the things you see but didn’t see them, to hear the things you hear but didn’t hear them.” Matthew 13:17.  I am convinced that we stand on the cusp of a “new wave of the Holy Spirit.” As Brenda and I traveled around the world this last year, we talked a lot about this "new wave" that is coming.

Many Christian leaders are convinced that God’s next move will be in the marketplace among businesspeople. 

“We believe God wants to bring revival to his people and we sense that God is strategically preparing businesspeople to be a catalyst for this to happen." -- Dr. Henry Blackaby, “God In The Marketplace.” 

Brenda and I are committed to this vision.

It was Jeremiah Lanphier who was used by God to initiate a prayer movement among businesspeople in New York City that lead to the Revival of 1857. It was a dairy farmer from Downey, California, named Demos Shakarian who mobilized businesspeople in 1953 that largely initiated the Charismatic Renewal of the late 1960’s. These were forerunners to what God is about to do in this nation and around the world in the days ahead. 

It was Demos Shakarian who said:

Nothing man could do made any difference… personal effort could not launch this Fellowship. And today no amount of organization, money, or personal efforts will preserve it! Only God, and the power of the Holy Spirit can make the fellowship alive and vital. …The Spirit seemed to say, I don’t want uniformity… Give me outlets for my infinite variety.”

Therefore, it has become apparent to us that there is a need for an organization that will embrace the principles that are foundational to the great moves of God throughout history. We have established a fellowship of businesspeople who will resist the pursuit of political power or the need for position and praise in order to see the Holy Spirit move powerfully and bring renewal, revival and transformation to the cities of the world. We believe the vision given to Demos Shakarian will be fulfilled, but “a prepared and obedient people” is needed to complete the task.

Today, people need to know the reality of Jesus. Men and women are still alone – bound in spiritual chains.  ...Beloved, they are searching for AN EXPERIENCE FROM GOD. He only needs [people] who are PREPARED and willing to OBEY to set these spiritual captives free! He is not looking for our clever ability, our world-wide organization, or our method of approach to taking the world. He only needs our willingness to HEAR and OBEY His will. The Holy Spirit will supply all the rest.” -- Demos Shakarian, "The Vision Intensified."

So, we have launched a global Fellowship. It is called Business Fellowship International. It is groups of businesspeople that want to be involved in the work God is already doing in their communities and cities – whatever that may be. It is free of the restraints that we have encountered previously. It will not insist on every group and every member following a predetermined pattern of operation. Jesus will be the center of this Fellowship, the Holy Spirit will lead us, and all will be equally welcome.

We are going forward to fulfill our calling, following the vision of Brenda’s grandfather, Demos Shakarian. We have a responsibility to that which is purposed by God. The “New Wave” of transformation, which is by the leading of the Holy Spirit, is our way forward.

If your heart is stirred by what you have read, if you see the need for a return to our “spiritual roots,” then we invite you to consider working with our new fellowship… we invite your group to affiliate with Business Fellowship International (BFI). 

We look forward to serving with you in our fellowship. 



International President

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