With God... Making Better Communities, Cities & Nations.

Business Fellowship International exists to prepare a people to participate in God’s plan for a new wave of revival and spiritual awakening around the world.


Our Goal Is Twofold:


  1.  Raise up 10 righteous people in every city. (Genesis 18:20-33)

  2.  Equip, train, inspire and support this group to discover God’s plan for demonstrating the gospel of Jesus Christ in that city.


Our work as a Fellowship begins with prayer.  Prayer for our government leaders, prayers for our churches and schools, prayers for our businesses, prayers for the welfare of our cities and prayers for the salvation of our neighbors.  Through praying together we believe that God, by the work of His Holy Spirit, will begin to reveal his specific plan to proclaim and demonstrate His gospel message to their city.

We welcome you to make a commitment to Business Fellowship International.  We believe your partnership with this Fellowship will be the spark that ignites the move of God in your city.  You are on the ground floor of a truly grassroots, organic work of the Holy Spirit that we believe will bring revival and spiritual awakening to the world.

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